First person perspective has been shown as a common feature in Drive Club.

On footEdit

It has been shown that when on foot a player can inspect the engine of their selected vehicle. Footage has shown a Koenigsegg Agera R with its rear body section opened up, showing the engine. The player was then shown holding on to a strengthening crossbar with their right hand. However, this feature has now been downgraded to a cutscene that is displayed before starting a racing event. The cutscene shows the player stepping into their selected vehicle and then is followed by cinematic camera angles of the car.


It has also been shown that players can drive their vehicles in first-person perspective, This view gives a player the view of;

  • Steering wheel and the vehicle's HUD
  • Centre console
  • Surroundings (able to rotate through a 180 degree field of view)

This camera view had been used by Evolution Studios to show off some neat features such as the ability to turn on a car and also the accuracy of the gear shifting animation; the Agera R's paddle shifters were shown as being used in a life-like manner. The cockpit view car of the car allows players to immerse themselves in a more realistic racing experience because of each vehicle's detailed interior and unique engine sounds.